These photos I’ve taken show my perspective of New York.
Ⓒ Alberto Reyes 2010-2014.

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Photo By Alberto Reyes

A nightfall with no stars, 

The city lights brighten my heart.
There’s a story inside every window,
I stare at yours from afar.

Wish I could read your mind,
Or have you understood mine.
Waking up with you in my arms,
I secretively wish for it now and then.

I whisper my love to you to summer breeze,
I Write it on fallen autumn leaves,
I Preserve it with snow flakes,
And unfold it in spring sunrise.

Here I am again,
Gaze at your window light.
Wish you sweet dreams tonight,
And no more loneliness to hide…

by Viviana D

By Alberto Reyes

UES  by Alberto Reyes

By Alberto Reyes


MET by Alberto Reyes

UES by Alberto Reyes

Happy Valentines Alberto Reyes


Upper East Side


Upper West

Upper East Side, NYC


Upper East Side

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