These photos I’ve taken show my perspective of New York.
Ⓒ Alberto Reyes 2010-2014.

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Wanted to share what my friend  Viviana D wrote about this photo, I just couldn’t help but share here with you all.


I hold her close to me, Warming her with my deepest embrace. Lavished in the delicacy of her aura.

"I love you." She whispered quietly against my chest.

Voice so gentle yet powerful to penetrate me, Making my heart tremble in sweet agony and flourished with ecstasy.

Is it my curse? I’m brave to take any risk or face any challenge for you.

But where is my courage When I need it to confess? I find the paradise In the reflection of your sparkly eyes. From me, my heart starts to separate Every time I see your bus pulling away. My love, how can I confess?

Such blessing to have all your attention and affection.

You make me whole by filling the void of my soul. I’m grounded when you need a shoulder to shed your sorrow.

Among fallen leaves I see a garden of rose.

My love, how can I confess?

I can only hold you tight. Can you hear my voice inside?

Oh, the Goddamned pride!

My heart is so forefront yet my tongue is behind. My love, how can I confess?

"I’ll tell you a story when the rain stops."I said.


photo By Alberto Reyes

By Alberto Reyes

By Alberto Reyes

By Alberto Reyes

By Alberto Reyes

By Alberto Reyes

by Alberto Reyes


Happy St. Patricks by Alberto Reyes

MET by Alberto Reyes

NY by Alberto Reyes


Union SQ

Parking by Alberto Reyes


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East Village New York City

By Alberto Reyes

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