These photos I’ve taken show my perspective of New York.
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By Alberto Reyes


Please meet the one and only Emma, I was shooting some SantaCon around the EV, and I finally had the pleasure to have photographed her. I actually been waiting for a while now, we met trough Tumblr long time ago. I kept saying to her I know I will find you on the streets and shoot you candid. And yes I saw her but I didn’t have my camera. We live in the same area and today was the day I run into her with my camera. Anyway Thank you Emma, we still have to do some art swapping. She makes great Art work please check her stuff out 



Phone by Alberto Reyes

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Manhattan from Brooklyn

from my Blog newyorkersunposed

Rainy afternoon in NYC by Alberto Reyes

What’s going on here?

Honor by Alberto Reyes

Bar by Alberto Reyes

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 by Alberto Reyes

This lady unposed for me… check her pictures here

Guys visit my page New Yorkers Unposed for more photos of the VIP after party


Only in New York, I can capture such a great beautiful moments like this one right here. I took this photo a few hours ago while going back home from a shoot. My camera can’t never rest I had to shoot this girl running ;). I am pretty sure she was running really late and a bit lost. I was actually wondering if she was famous. She looked like a model from DKNY or Victoria’s Secret, any ideas.


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Taxi! By Alberto Reyes

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